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Stroke Center 

The Certified Stroke Center at North Fulton Hospital provides quality, integrative care for stroke patients. Every stage of the recovery process, from recognizing and treating symptoms to completing rehabilitation, is intended to return patients to the highest level of function and quality of life.

Emphasis on Outcome –
Technology and research improve patient outcomes. We participate in a National Stroke Registry to stay informed about best practices, to get direct feedback, and to deliver evidence-based care. We also host community projects as well as educational programs for healthcare providers.

A variety of disciplines come together for the care of the stroke patient at North Fulton Hospital.  Beginning with Emergency Medicine and progressing through Neurology, Neurosurgery and Rehabilitation if needed, the stroke patient receives quality care along a comprehensive continuum.

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Click here for a free and confidential referral to a physician specializing in neurology and stroke.

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