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CT Scan 
Roswell Imaging Center: CT Scan Department

The CT Scan Department offers diagnostic testing using computerized tomography.

Hours of Operations

Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm


Contact Numbers

  • Phone Number: 770 -751-2900
  • Fax Number: 770-751-2806
  • Scheduling: (770) 751-2720
  • Scheduling Fax: (770) 751-2905

Prep/Info Needed

Complete pre-certification if patient’s insurance required. THE PATIENT SHOULD ARRIVE 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO THEIR PROCEDURE TIME to allow for registration process. Send any prior (related) films with patient to appointment.

CT Abdomen and Pelvis: The patient will need to pick-up their oral prep and instructions from the Radiology Department at least 1 day prior to their appointment. No food or drink 4 hours prior to study. If the patient has had a previous contrast reaction, please call the Radiology department about pre-medicating patient for procedure. If the patient is diabetic they must be off gluophage/metaformin the day of the procedure and at least two days after the procedure.

Non-Contrasted Studies: No food or drink 4 hours prior to study.

All procedures should be scheduled with a copy of the signed physician order with appropriate narrative diagnosis faxed to the Radiology Scheduler at least the day prior to the patient’s appointment. In the event of an emergency procedure the patient must bring a signed physician order that has an appropriate narrative diagnosis (signs and symptoms) for the procedure ordered. Please have patient bring their driver’s license, social security card and insurance card at the time of registration.


Where the Patient Should Enter

The patient should enter the main hospital campus and park in the parking deck across from the main entrance to the hospital. Enter into the attached Medical Office Building and proceed to the 2nd floor suite 225. The patient will be registered within the Diagnostic Center. Family members may accompany the patient to Roswell Imaging Center but will be asked to remain in the waiting area while the procedure is being performed.

Roswell Imaging Center is part of Tenet Georgia.


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