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Breast Health Services 

The road to restored health -

There are several physicians, technologists and nurses who will be part of your journey as you travel through the screening, diagnostic, treatment and recovery phases. The following overview of the Breast Care Center’s main services will give you a better understanding of what each phase involves.



One of our board certified radiologists is usually the first member of the Breast Care Team that you will encounter if you require further diagnosis following your screening mammogram. The radiologist can perform a biopsy and diagnose cancer at its earliest stage — when it is the most treatable.

You might also see the radiologist for other imaging and interventional procedures, including Breast MRI, PET/CT, sentinel node localization, needle localization and port placement.


Medical Oncology

In addition to surgery, some patients may require additional treatment to attempt to stop cancer growth. This treatment may be chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, or a combination of these therapies, most of which can be given in an outpatient setting.

Our medical oncologists are committed to providing the most advanced treatments available in a caring and comfortable atmosphere that addresses the needs of patients and their families. Your medical oncologist will provide you with the most up-to-date information so that you can be actively involved in selecting a treatment plan tailored for your specific needs.


General & Reconstructive Surgery 

For many breast cancer patients, surgery is one part of the treatment process. Should you require surgery, one of our exceptional surgeons will help you select a treatment plan and surgical option that are right for you. Surgical options include lumpectomy, simple mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Most patients find that their surgical choices are much less radical than their fears. Our surgeons will provide you with as much information and time as you need in order to make the best possible decision.

Breast reconstruction is an important consideration for many breast cancer patients. Our Breast Health Team includes outstanding reconstructive surgeons who are knowledgeable and skilled in the latest breast reconstructive techniques, and will help you decide on the best type of reconstruction for your age and body type.


Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is another facet of cancer care involving curative therapy. Your radiation oncologist will be a tremendous help as he or she educates and informs you of all the treatment options available to you.

Our board certified radiation oncologists closely communicate with breast cancer patients, medical oncologists, and other Breast Care Team Members to develop a collaborative relationship in which everyone participates to determine the patient's treatment plan.

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