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At North Fulton Hospital, our volunteers are heroes every day. Volunteers provide assistance and so much more to our patients, visitors and staff.  They assist throughout the hospital in a variety of departments and roles such as:

  • Critical Care Waiting Room Volunteer
  • Emergency Room Volunteer
  • Endoscopy Volunteer
  • Materials Management Volunteer
  • Patient Services Volunteer
  • Reception Desk Volunteer
  • Surgical Waiting Room Volunteer
  • Outpatient Services Volunteer
  • Women’s Health Volunteer
  • Transportation Volunteer (No Driving Required)
  • Shuttle Service Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a North Fulton Hospital volunteer?

A. Any man or woman who has the desire to serve our community by adding “that special touch” for patients and their families during their stay at North Fulton Hospital may become a volunteer.

Q. Is there an age requirement?

A. Yes. All hospital volunteers must be 21 years of age or older. North Fulton Hospital has a student volunteer program that takes place during the summer months for students 21 years of age or younger.

Q. I’ve never done “hospital” things before; how will I learn all I need to know?

A. We provide any training necessary in order for our volunteers to be able to perform their assignments, so no specific educational or technical skills are required. All you need is a commitment to help others. A volunteer orientation and our specialized training will get you started.

Q. What type of things will I do?

A. North Fulton Volunteers assist in many ways throughout the facility, including: providing information for visitors; escorting outpatients to appropriate departments; assisting professional staff with direct patient care such as serving meal trays, juice, and water; and providing courier services.

Q. What are the hours of a volunteer?

A. Each volunteer is asked to serve four or more hours, once a week. Volunteer hours are scheduled at North Fulton Hospital to provide continuous service to our patients. Morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend hours are available.

Q. Is volunteering a way to meet new people?

A. Of course it is! Many of our volunteers have formed life-long friendships as a result of serving together at North Fulton. They assist patients together and have bonded at impromptu gatherings, holiday parties, and an occasional “lunch bunch” planned specifically for volunteers to get-to-know each other better. Many activities, such as bridge groups and a chorus, have formed from the organization. We may work hard, but we like to play hard, too!

Q. What will I get out of being a volunteer at North Fulton Hospital?

A. In addition to a high degree of personal satisfaction and the opportunity to make new friends, there are a number of benefits to being a North Fulton Hospital volunteer. Not only will you gain personal enrichment but you will also have the opportunity to meet the exceptional medical professionals and other caregivers at our hospital.

Q. Is volunteering community involvement?

A. We encourage volunteers to be active in our community as well as our hospital. Part of the monies raised by the volunteer organization's fund-raisers benefit various community service projects.

Q. How do I become a volunteer?

A. Volunteers are asked to submit an application available here. Student applications are available here. For questions about the application process or our volunteer organization, please call Lianny Vera at 770-751-2684.

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